Senior Thesis

For my senior thesis at Wesleyan, I created a stochastic model of outbound client behavior patterns on the Tor Network. In the process, I learned about time series analysis, clustering techniques, Hidden Markov Models, and the inner workings of Tor. In addition, I used Python to implement data manipulation scripts, time series visualizations, and this time series modeling algorithm. Some of the libraries I worked with were SciPy, GHMM, and SciKit-Learn. The paper was awarded Honors in May 2013, and it can be read on WesScholar. Full source code available at GitHub.

Computer Adaptive Testing

As a member of the Stemler Psychometric Lab at Wesleyan University, I built a Django/YUI3–powered app for administering Computer Adaptive Tests (CAT). The app included a UI for building image or text based prompts, and a custom CAT implementation built around the  Rasch Model. In 2013, it was used to administer a survey to study-abroad students at colleges throughout the US. 

Dasher Game Mode

As an intern at the 2010 HFOSS Summer Insitute, I contributed to Dasher, a GNOME Accessibility application that helps users with poor motor control enter text. Working with Ryan Gee, I significantly optimized Dasher's event dispatch system and implemented a "game mode" designed to help new users learn the software. The codebase was C/C++, and our working environment was Debian Linux.

My first major web project, built with PHP/MYSQL and YUI2. was built to help the coaches of Westfield High School's immensely popular track and cross country programs manage their athletes and keep track of performance stats. It includes a micro-blogging service, calendar, mailing list system, document manager, race performance database, and user account system with separate permissions for coaches, captains, and parents. The web app synchronizes performance data, PDF meet result sheets, and athlete/parent contact info with a Filemaker Pro database built by Jonathan Applebaum. First released in summer 2009, and still in daily use to this day.